For Sale: 2006 (56) Renault Clio Campus NOW ONLY £2K from Mat Cooper on Vimeo.

Sep 2012 15


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At last we managed to successfully sell the other halfs clio..  No thanks to my advertising efforts

Sep 2012 15


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I met Mat after he was recommended by a business colleague around the middle of last year 2011. Our business was growing but I was struggling to show the extent of our business to new and existing customers as it is based on a 4 acre site. The video he produced hit the nail on the head using their Radio controlled helicopter they have produced a view not seen before and none of my competitors have anything to rival it. I can honestly say it was a breath of fresh air dealing with a polite well mannered young man who undoubtedly has a lot to offer. Thanks again the video is excellent.

Mr Nick Parkinson,

Managing Director Pawpounders

Wont be Long, im just working on this bit.

Sony MC50e

What a camera this is. rararar